Not just hot firemen......

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Our city buildings are beautiful to look at: mid-century modern buildings with a spanish flair. The best of southern California. But it's what's inside that really counts. Our firefighters, policemen and women, city hall, library and YMCA all represent our city with tremendous pride.

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The police are an incredible strength - friendly, stern, lightning fast and fierce protectors of their turf. Back in the day, apparently, CC was a bit of a tough hood. Firemen wore bulletproof vests on all their calls. It was a bit of a no man's land with patches of crime. The police dept., city hall and the fire dept. banded together to improve the city, make is safe and protect it's residents. And indeed they did. Recently, news spread like wildfire that a strange man was sitting in his car stalking high school girls. Emails went hurtling around the Culver City Moms group, the police were called and within the hour the guy had been arrested. If there is a robbery, the police alert everyone and in turn, neighbors share with other neighbors.

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They work with us and we work with them and are eternally grateful.  One of the moms groups brings the police and fire dept dinner every night for 2 weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

The fire dept. puts on the most amazing pancake breakfast during the annual car show. Hundreds of people line up and chat with the gorgeous firemen and women and dine on fabulous pancakes, sausages, tea, coffee and juice in the huge firehouse that holds the trucks for a mere $5 per adult. Kids are free!

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You see your neighbors and school friends and feel so good that you live in this marvelous little enclave within Culver City.

During the summer there is a fantastic music festival every Thursday night in front of City Hall. Every week an amazing band comes and plays their fabulous tunes whilst residents dance, have picnics and socialize with all ages and backgrounds.

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The Senior Center on Overland and Culver is THE place to be. It has as over 4,700 members with fitness rooms holding Yoga, Tai Chi, Ballroom Dancing classes and more. They hold classic movie saturdays, (yes please!) watercolor, ceramics, drawing and computer classes. They also have a variety of day trips, overnight trips (including Las Vegas or Laughlin), long distance and international trips.



Every time I have gone to this beautiful sun filled building, everyone is happy, social and thrilled to be there. I almost can't wait for my golden years.  (310) 253-6700



Across the street is the Veterans Building, which also hosts many classes, seminars, garden shows, and chamber music concerts...the list is endless and wonderfully eclectic. It has been around since 1950 and has a  1,500 seat Auditorium, which includes a stage and basketball court.

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They have lovely meeting rooms for dance, music, etc. classes as well as larger spaces with patios for parties. I've been to a few and the vibe is great. And they clean up after you for a small fee. Nice! It is very central to all things Culver City being one of the most popular places to have voting polls during elections - local and national. 



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Plus right behind it is a huge and beautiful park with baseball fields, outdoor olympic swimming pool, tennis and basketball courts, a new swanky playground and multiple picnic tables. Swimming goes on all year long and all ages swim in the morning followed by the middle and high school having swim club and water polo practice later on.

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We have an adorable mid century red brick library and YMCA. Julian Dixon Library is on Overland between Culver and Jefferson and is a big open room offering all sorts of classes and events. 


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It is another place that you will always, guaranteed, you will run into someone you know. I love the Y - they offer phenomenal swimming classes in their indoor pool as well as fab sports programs for the kids and all the usual classes and summer camp activities. It very much feels like one of the central hubs of the city.

One of my favorite buildings, for nostalgia and architectural reasons, is our lovely post office. Just off downtown on Culver Blvd across the street from the Kirk Douglas Theater, it has beautiful high ceilings, wood interior and lots of charm. The lines aren't too long and the folks behind the counter are friendly.

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Posted on June 10, 2013 .