An embarrassment of riches in Downtown Culver City

CC downtown st and hotel.JPG

I first heard about Culver City when I lived in another part of town from a friend. She said, “Oh, I do everything in Culver City. I just love it.” So off I went with my 3 year old in tow and proceeded to drive right through it without seeing a thing. What had I missed? I saw 12 car repair shops, a run down mexican restaurant and a closed italian restaurant in an, albeit, charming building...oh, and a Starbucks. I was not impressed. Cut to 3 years later and downtown Culver City is a foodie haven and destination for a lot of fun. Located right where Washington Blvd. meets Culver Blvd. just below Venice Blvd., we now have a plethora of amazing places to eat. The lively atmosphere on any given night is electric and all ages and races are represented. 

It makes me so proud to live here and my family and I love just being downtown. One of the best nights I had was with a bunch of 9 years old having fabulous sushi at K-Zo and then skipping down Culver Blvd with all the twinkling Christmas lights and restaurants spilling over with people as we ended the evening at Ugo for gelato. Beyond fun for everyone....not just the kids!!

We have gastropubs (ford's filling station, rush street, city tavern, public school), healthy hubs (lyfe, native foods, tender greens), healthy fast food (daphnes greek, chipotle, jersey mike's), ice cream (coldstone creamery, ugo, menchies) gourmet delights (akasha, fords filling station, meet in paris), sushi (kzo, sake house), coffee shops (starbucks, akasha cafe, l'epicerie, grand casino, s & w diner), bars (seventy 7 lounge, bottlerock, rocco's tavern, culver hotel lounge), mexican (kay n daves), pizza (larocca's, wildcraft) and a couple of really great lunch spots on main street - (lunch, libra brazilian).

I'm telling you, you could wander around for weeks and try something new every night....and then go to the movies. 

Downtown Culver City is a charming place to hang out.

Posted on May 20, 2013 .