Plenty of fabulous elementary schools to choose from


Here is the best part: Culver City has it’s own small school district. And it is one of the best in the country. No disrespect to LAUSD, but I like a small enclave of schools with their own budget and community pride taking care of one another. We have been a part of the school system for 4 years now. We bought our house because it was on the street that was the cut off for Farragut Elementary School. Don’t get me wrong, our house is beautiful and charming and our neighbors are those that childhood dreams are made of. But we bought the house because of the school. 

Farragut Elementary School is right beside Culver City Middle School which is right beside Culver City High School. I relish the idea of my children walking to school for the next 13 years. With me by their side. Okay, I will be trailing/stalking them in the middle/high school years, hiding from tree to tree. All five of our fabulous elementary schools funnel into the middle school, and on up. We have one of the best language schools in the country. El Marino has a spanish and japanese immersion program that accepts students on a lottery system but children can be tested into either language program. And last year La Ballona added a spanish immersion program to their school with phenomenal results. My favorite aspect of all our schools is the tremendous diversity. Our children spend her days in a truly multi-cultural environment. Each neighborhood rally’s together to really create a fully engaged community schools with a tremendous amount of parental involvement. We get teased for this but the teachers and administration relish the support, financial and physical, that the community of parents provide. It really does take a village. And our village is Culver City.

Below is a brief description of each elementary school, what their specialty is as well as some info and quotes from parents from As long as you live in the Culver City school district, you can permit into another school within the district. That being said, I highly recommend going to your local school as the sense of community you and your child will feel is tremendous.


El Marino Elementary

11450 Port Road, Culver City, CA 90230

10 out of 10; 700 students; 944 api

30% multiple ethnicity; 30% white; 20% hispanic; 16% asian; 5% african american


El Marino is a fantastic school for students to be immersed in either Spanish or Japanese. The goal of the program is for students to master their academic content while learning to speak, understand, read and write in both English and the target language (Spanish or Japanese). Students have the opportunity to become involved in activities that expose them to many different cultures, whether it be through art, food, dance, or music. Due to it's unique curriculum, El Marino received the honor of the  California Distinguished School honor. El Marino is a school for Culver City residents and enrollment is done through the lottery process.

“The parents are very involved in every aspect of school life and that is why El Marino maintains a tradition of achievement”

“Parent involvement throughout the school, rich cultural diversity”


“The principal is wonderful, with children who attend Culver City schools.”

“El Marino is the beautiful result of collaborating parents, teachers & administrators with one mission of providing a fun, nurturing and challenging learning environment.”



Farragut Elementary - 10820 Farragut Drive, Culver City, CA 90230

10 out of 10; 500 students; 943 api

30% white; 28% hispanic; 19% multiple ethnicity; 12% asian; 10% african american


Farragut is truly an amazing little school. It has an emphasis on math, computers and art. It is diverse, warm, academically challenging with a phenomenal group of teachers and staff to support and challenge your child every step of the way. The parent involvement is outstanding with extremely fun fundraisers and events held all year long. Parents do whatever they can to help out each teacher to make their day easier. It is not lost on the parents how incredibly vital the teachers are in our children’s daily lives. Quality friends will be made here for life. And your child will get a top notch education. I can’t brag about this school enough.

“I love the more down to earth feeling of the school compared to private schools I have had experience with”

“the sense of community and extent of parent involvement is at the highest level I’ve ever seen.”


“The teachers are not only exceptional educators, but they truly care about their students.”

“the general hardship seen and felt at public schools is not as evident here because we all want to do what we can to save public schools in our neighborhood”

‘Farragut has everything we looked for in a school - excellent teachers who are really invested in their classes...”


El Rincon - 11177 Overland Avenue, Culver City, CA 90230

8 out of 10; 500 students; 853 api

This is an absolutely adorable school that just keeps getting better and better. They recently got a new principal, Reginald Brunson, and I have heard nothing but high praise about him. They have a state-of-the-art computer and science lab with a tremendous booster club propelling the students forward. They are the Rockets, after all. It’s a beautiful campus, full of incredible murals and surrounded by lush trees. Everyone there takes a lot of pride in improving their school and parents and volunteers recently repainted the school and it looks amazing.

35% african american; 27% hispanic; 17% multiple ethnicity; 14% white; 4 % asian

“The after school program is just as good because the teachers there really look after your kids and stay on top of any homework they may have.”

el rincon playground.jpg

“I personally like the hands on leadership of our STAR Program Director.”

“The school has an incredible science lab and a new directive as part of The Science Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Education Coalition.”

“...with the support of our wonderful and dedicated teachers, our committed Principal and our hard working students El Rincon is now a school to be proud of.”


Linwood Howe - 4100 Irving Place, Culver City, CA 90232

8 out of 10; 500 students; 867 api

48% hispanic; 25% white; 10% african american; multiple ethnicity 9%; 5 asian

Lin Howe is a gem of a school conveniently tucked behind downtown Culver City. Hello, coffee mornings after drop off! The school is known for it’s nurturing community, diverse student body and growing environmentalism. Considered the “heart of the community,” Linwood Howe is a terrific place for your elementary aged children. The kindergarten is known as a very special environment and that continues up into the higher grades.


“This school has a tight knit community of families, who not only care about the school and the education their kids are receiving, but they care for each others kids.”

“The individualized attention that each of my children receives is almost indescribable.”

“We love it because the teachers and staff are passionate, dedicated professional who care about our kids.”

“In each grade different units are managed by the separate grade level teachers, so you get three for one!”

“It is a small community school, that is extremely diverse.”


La Ballona Elementary - 10915 Washington Boulevard Culver City, CA 90232

7 out of 10; 853 api;  500 students

64% hispanic; 14% multiple ethnicity; 10% white; 6% asian; 3% african american

Last year they added the much needed spanish dual language program. Which takes some of the pressure off El Marino Elementary. They also got a new principal this year, Jennifer Slabbinck. She is known as a revolutionary and is creating great results within the school. They have enrichment programs with The Los Angeles Music Center, as do all CC elementary schools. Some other fun things they have are Peace Makers and 5th Grade Ball Room Dancing. I only wish parents could take a class!!


“La Ballona is the hidden secret of the Culver City school district”

“I can’t say enough good things about the teaching staff: they are incredibly attentive and experienced.”

“this is the kind of school where the parents participate without looking for a pat on the back. They just simply get the job done.”

“we are so deeply impressed with the wonderful teachers who have been chosen to teach our son”

“La Ballona has been awarded the California Distinguished School Award and boasts some of the most dedicated and professional teachers in CCUSD.”


Posted on May 13, 2013 .